Curve Composites is an engineering company. We develop composite structures and provide consultancy in the development of composite structures.
We are independent and we have established good contacts with material suppliers, manufacturing companies, test facilities, NDT- and FEM-specialists.
We design your product to specification and attach great value on clear communication and a proper justification of the final design. Our workforce has a proven record in design to cost and within time.

Intelligent design

Designing composite structures involves a thorough understanding of the trinity between the mechanics of composite structures, material selection and composite manufacturing.

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Curve Composites has hands on experience with composite manufacturing and we have understanding of all manufacturing processes and tooling design.

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Process Control

The customer needs to be confident that the quality requirements are fulfilled. This is assured by  systematic measurements, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and non-destructive-inspection where needed.

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We are specialists in the analytical structural design of (composite) structures. Understanding of the first principles enables targeted optimization of the design.

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Consultancy & teaching

François Geuskens (Managing Director) has been teaching the Master’s Course Design of Composite Structures for 7 years and has a University Teaching Qualification Degree. Our courses and advice are tailored towards the needs of the individual clients.

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We qualify your structure by:

  • Defining test plans & test procedures
  • Executing or attending tests
  • Provide test correlations and test reports
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April 2015

New website launched

By |April 7th, 2015|

Curve composites is proud to present their new website. This website is still in progress. Information will be added on a regular basis.